Client adviser

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Client adviser

Ian Salisbury is a Client Adviser. He gives advice on the delivery of buildings and construction projects, achieving long-term value by overseeing and advising on procurement and product.

  • Stakeholder engagement – understanding the psychology of change, equipping leaders and senior personnel so that they can navigate complex change projects successfully.
  • Encouraging vision and aspiration – setting up collaborative dialogue in order to challenge old and expected patterns of behaviour; replacing them with objectives that have academic rigour and practical application but which are also imaginative, lively and feasible.
  • Setting and safeguarding design quality – ensuring confidence in decision-taking by providing clear, comprehensive information; gathering robust evidence for land procurement from physical surveys and space audits; examining the feasibility of organisational and developmental ambitions; ensuring that once the development brief has been fixed a search is made for a suitable procurement team; championing the brief so as to achieve the correct level of design quality while negotiating with stakeholders and other interested parties; drawing consents together; appointing and instructing consultants; presenting information for financial audit and consents; constructing models for development including (if necessary), acting as BIM co-ordinator; carrying out clash detection during design development, and ensuring a smooth transition to the construction phase.
  • Design value management – intervening at individual, group and organisational levels so as to ensure that the entire project is procured within its cost boundaries; avoiding the cycle of rush and hiatus; engaging value engineering as a continual process so that abortive work is avoided; allowing consultants to manage their own time efficiently; identifying cross-currents of information that exist within every establishment while diagnosing organisational lacunas and developing in their place open systems of collaboration; identifying and avoiding potential conflicts, both internal and external.
  • Use – aligning processes so as to achieve a collectively approved outcome, ensuring that organisational consequences including necessary readjustment changes are anticipated and comfortably navigated.

Ian Salisbury was appointed in 1997 to advise the RIBA itself on practice matters and has remained its adviser ever since.

Photo: The omphalos of Anish Kapoor’s public sculpture, ‘Cloud Gate’, Chicago: Ian Salisbury